Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vietnam Test Review Questions

Date of Test:
Moved to 2/26 & 2/27

The test will be multiple choice and short answer.

Short Answer
Which three present day countries made up French Indochina?
What was the U.S. trying to do when it entered the war in Vietnam?
Who was the communist leader of North Vietnam?
South Vietnamese Communist who were opponents of the southern government were called
N O G E T V I C (unscramble the letters).
How did the north supply the south?
What event was the turning point in the war in the minds of many Americans?
Even though the U.S. had superior technology and weapons, we found it difficult to succeed in Vietnam because the Viet Cong used what?
The low morale and frustration among American soldiers in Vietnam led to the massacre of over 300 apparently unarmed civilians (including women, children, and the elderly) in the _____ ______ Massacre.
Nixon’s plan for gradually withdrawing U.S. troops and having the South Vietnamese do the fighting was called what?
Which amendment to the Constitution lowered the voting age? Why was it lowered? How old do you now have to be to vote?

Agent Orange
Guerrilla warfare
Ho Chi Minh
Search & Destroy
Tet offensive
William Westmoreland

Points of View (p.834 table that’s in your notebook)
What were three reasons for involvement in the Vietnam War?

What were three reasons against involvement in the Vietnam War?

Map Questions (see map and worksheet)

Political cartoons (see notebook check sheet & class activity)
Iraq connections (see Venn diagram in notebook)

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